Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More On Rocky

Well, the obsession is even worse than last year. I am in this frame of mind that I am going to create the most movie-correct version of Columbia's costume as I can. I have found a corset and a pair of shorts to make. I already have the jacket, shoes and socks. This year, I have to find the correct pair of fishnets (with backseam of course!). And I plan to do this with the chitlins running around.
This should be interesting! I'll be trying to sew the shorts and corset with them getting tangled up in the thread that's supposed to be in the machine. (Yes, I can sew...Mom taught me how many moons ago.) Hubby will be shaking his head and rolling his eyes as he watches me sew on hundreds of sequins. And, the chitlins will be there to tangle themselves up and pull the thread out of my needle. I'll be lucky to be able to use all the sequins that come in a package since I just know they're going to have a blast throwing them all around the room.
I hope that all this sewing and crafting will instill in them something. Maybe that when you can't find something, find a way to make it yourself? With a little imagination, you can have anything? With a lot of imagination, you can have a wonderful time!

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