Monday, June 30, 2008

Short Story Part II

And the story continues...

Once out the door, she breathed the night air deeply. She took great joy in the fact her little studio was just a few blocks from the theatre. On clear, crisp nights such as the one that had fallen that evening, she reveled in her walk home. She skirted through the alley, lost in her thoughts about the performance and almost crashed into one lone orchestra musician who was having problems starting his car.

He had just popped his hood and whipped open his door to get out and lift the hood further. In his haste, he practically took poor Cosette to the ground. She let out a startled cry as she was suddenly interrupted from her daydream. The musician quickly looked up and stared into the most beautiful hazel eyes set in the most beautiful face that he had ever seen.

“Hey, oh man,” he started to apologize. “I am so sorry. Can’t get my stupid car started and I wasn’t thinking there was anyone else around.”

As Cosette regained her composure, she placed her fingers at the base of her neck; a nervous gesture on her part. “T-that’s okay,” she stammered. “I didn’t think anyone else was around either and I was lost in my own thoughts.”

The musician stuck out his hand. “Name’s Marius. I'm a percussionist with the orchestra.” He looked at her and a light dawned in his mind. “You were the Sugar Plum. You were incredible tonight.”

Cosette blushed as she took Marius’ hand. “My name is Cosette. And, yes, I was Sugar Plum.” She dipped her head down as she said, “Thank you.”

They stood there for a moment, unaware that they were still holding hands. Cosette felt a heat creeping up her arm. She looked down and realized that their hands were still locked. She quickly took her hand back.

“What seems to be wrong with your car?” she asked.

Marius looked back at his car as though he had forgotten it was there. “Oh, I don’t know. I think the battery’s dead or something.”

Cosette walked around to the front of the car, set her bag on the ground and bent down under the hood. She fiddled with the wires leading to the battery and found one to be loose. “You have a loose battery wire under here!” she called out to Marius.

Marius opened the trunk to access his tool box. Grabbing a wrench, he walked around to the front of the car. Adjusting the nut on the terminal, he asked, “How did you know that? You’re a ballerina.”

Cosette stood, faced him and smiled. “I was raised with four brothers. I know my way around a motor.”

Marius finished tightening the nut and stood to face her. He stood for a moment, losing himself in her eyes. He couldn’t remember ever looking at such a beautiful woman before. Though there was little light, her eyes seemed to capture whatever was available and just sparkle like diamonds. For a moment, he stood, perplexed by what to say next.

Cosette waived her hand in front of Marius’ face. “Um, hello? You should be good to go.” She hoisted her bag back on her shoulder. “I better go. Early call to the stage in the morning. Need to get some sleep.”

Marius shook his head slightly and ran his hand through his hair. “Uh, yeah. I should probably go as well. Now that my car’s fixed. Double performances tomorrow; going to be a long day.” He slammed the hood, put his wrench away and closed the trunk. Before getting in the car, he stood at the open door and called out, “See you tomorrow, Cosette.”

Cosette looked over her shoulder. “See you tomorrow, Marius.”

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Short Story

I can't believe it! After months of thinking of nothing, my brain is spewing forth words. And these words are forming into a story. I'm finding myself unable to to type as quickly as the words are forming in my head.

So, I'm going to post a page as I finish it. For criticism. For prosperity. And just because I want to share my story!

Here goes:

The curtain was closed. The sets were up. The lights were set with the right gels. This was the night. This was the night she had waited for her whole life. To be the one. To be the star. She worked so hard to be on this stage, in this costume, in this role. Her time to shine.

Cosette stepped out from the wings and took her place in the lights. She set her arms just so. Carefully placed her perfectly pointed toe behind her. Tilted her head down in her opening pose. Just as the music began, she jutted her eyes down her body to make sure her costume was okay.

The strands of Tychovski’s “Waltz of the Sugar Plum Fairy” began to stir her heart. She stole a look to the darkened wings where her partner stood, waiting for his turn. Her heart raced with anticipation and music.

Slowly, the curtain raised. Beyond the lights was the orchestra. The finest orchestra she ever had the opportunity to perform with. The music grew slightly louder with the raising of the curtain. Beyond the orchestra lay the audience. The people that Cosette bit back pain for. Applied band-aids to her blistered toes for. Lived for. She couldn’t see any of that, though, for the stage lights were far too bright. But, she knew they were there and that was all that mattered.

Cosette took her first step. The music flowed through her like water through a stream. She could barely feel the floor beneath her feet. Every step landed perfectly. Every lift executed without a flaw. Darion’s leaps were powerful and yet, he lifted her so very gently. They moved perfectly together throughout their pas de deux, complimenting their dancing styles as though they belonged together.

When they took their final pose, the audience leapt to their feet. A thunderous applause rumbled from the darkness beyond the lights. Cosette lowered herself down from pointe, placed her leg behind her and dropped into a deep curtsy while holding Darion’s hand as he bowed. Her moment was over. They fled in to the wings to await their piece.

Once off stage, Cosette ran to her dressing room. Despite their almost perfect partnership on stage, she hated Darion with a passion. He was too pompous, too arrogant. How dare he think he was the greatest dancer on stage? What was the choreographer thinking when he paired them together? Couldn’t he see the friction?

Normally quiet and reserved, Cosette tried to raise her feelings when rehearsals began. The choreographer would hear nothing of it. So, she let it drop. And rehearsals went on. Darion was actually quite the gentleman while they were warming up, walking through their dances and dancing full on. But, out of those four walls, he was an ass. Cosette would often just pack her bag and leave quietly out the side door of the studio so as not to have to deal with the attitude that overcame him once outside the door.

Now, in the relative quiet of her dressing room, she could reflect on the dance that just occurred. She could still feel the music pulsating through her. Although she had danced several times with a live orchestra, she felt this performance to be different. Perhaps it was because she was now a soloist with the company. Perhaps. Perhaps it was a combination of the two.

An hour later, the performance was over. The audience had filed out of the theatre. The orchestra was packing up their instruments. Cosette carefully hung her costume in her room. She methodically removed her stage makeup. She removed her tights and pulled on a pair of leggings with an over sized tee shirt and slipped flip flops on her sore feet. She carefully wrapped the ribbons around her pointe shoes and placed them in her bag. Standing and hoisting her bag onto her shoulder, she readied herself to leave the theatre.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do I?

Random conundrum for the day:

Do I clean or do I sew?

I've been sick, so the house has fallen into disarray. Eh. Who am I kidding? The house is always in disarray. But, seriously, since I've been sick, it's worse than usual as I don't have the energy to clean anything, much less get out of bed.

However. I created this awesome halter during a burst of energy last Friday (pictures will come as soon as Hubby takes them) and I'd like to create another. It's another T-shirt recycle. This next one will be created from a T-shirt and denim valences. And I'm really excited to see how it will turn out as I'm perfecting the process in order to hopefully sell them.

And, then, of course there's the chitlins. We purchased a seven game set from Walmart and the Princess is hooked on badminton. I still don't have a whole lot of energy and feel badly that I haven't wanted to play with her. I try to get in a bit of playing, but I can't last that long.

I think that the fact I have so much on my plate right now is killing me also. I'm still trying to sell my wares (not happening at the moment), getting people over to see my site (my stats look like a roller coaster), playing, cleaning, sewing, spending time with Hubby. And to think I had all that on my plate and worked part-time! Now, I'm not working outside the home, but I feel as though I have less time.

I've tried the to-do list. It got so long that I threw it out. So now I've delegated just one thing a day. Be it laundry or dishes or straightening up a room.

Today's delegation hasn't been decided yet: sew or clean.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tattoo Shop Possibility

I had a possibly job lead for my halters at the tattoo shop where my husband and I get our work done. It's been over two months since I heard from them, so I decided to fire them off an email.

I'm really nervous about this job. The owner is a perfectionist. The artists that he hires are super talented; I don't think he'd hire anyone who was less than perfect. Trust me on this. My husband's sleeve is testament to the type of artists he hires.

I'm so scared that the owner isn't going to like my work. I'm scared that my work isn't going to be up to the standards that he sets. I feel the sample that I sent them was beautiful. The best halter I had ever sewn. But, that's my feeling. Trying to get someone else to feel the way you do is a whole other story!

Well, here's some pictures of the sample that I sewed up and sent to them. Let me know what you think!

Well, update: In the five minutes it took to type this, I heard back from the shop. They're holding off for now. I didn't get the job. :(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ideas for Promotion

As I sit here, listening to Fairly Oddparents drone on and on and on, I contemplate ideas for self-promotion of my new website. With my brain on codeine, it's not easy. Everything is so fuzzy.

I want to make posters and post them all over town.

I want to make fliers and put them under the windshield wipers of everyone at Walmart.

I want to pass out business cards to everyone I run into. I'd even run into them purposely to shove a card into their hand.

I was thinking of making a flyer to hang on various bulletin boards around town. You know the kind with the little tear-off sheets at the bottom? Only because I'm also going to start taking in minor alteration work. I've already got a customer lined up. He's grateful he won't have to drive two hours for hem work anymore.

Oh! And in case you missed it, the link is:

So, anyone who's reading this, if you have a suggestion or five, let me know.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life Today ~ Update

Well, the Princess seems better today. There has been no hint of fever since yesterday morning. Gave her a dose of Motrin at around 8 yesterday morning and nothing since. Glad to know that it was the same thing that her brother had. She's very chipper today. Not whiney in the least. Thank goodness. The whining was wearing on me.

Since she's better, I made a doctor's appointment for myself.

We drove the half hour to the doc's office this morning. Basically, I knew what he was going to say, but I needed medication and you can't get that without a doctor. My suspicions were correct ~ bronchitis. But, I also have an upper respiratory infection.


So, he gives me Promethazine VC w/Codeine Syrup (cough medicine) and Cefzil (antibiotic). Let me tell you...that cough syrup is goooooooood stuff!

Now, I veg. Dinner needs to go in the crock pot. I'm getting there, but it's not easy. I really just want to crawl up into a ball and sleep.

Nighty night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Today

So, we go on vacation over Memorial Day. Beautiful vacation! Relaxing, fun, everything vacation should be. We even extended it a day longer by staying overnight in New York and visiting Au sable Chasm the next day.

Then we came home.

And we all got sick.

We've all had the snuffles since about a week after we got home. Then, last week, Little Man got a fever. Just a fever. Take him to the doc and she said that there's a fever virus going around. The fever spikes, give the child Motrin and the fever goes down. This lasts for about three days. Sure enough, he went to the doc on Monday and by Wednesday, he was better. Still snuffling, but no fever.

Now, the Princess has the fever virus. Been pouring the Motrin down her throat to keep it in check. She hasn't spiked as high as Little Man, but it has gotten over 102 Fahrenheit. Once the Motrin kicks in, she wants to go play and run around. But, once that starts wearing off, she's tired and lethargic.

Wonder who's going to get it next?

Me? I've had a cough for two weeks now. It hurts like hell. And the shit that I'm coughing up, ugh. I've put off getting my Remicade treatment for two weeks now. Not good. But, I also can't get the infusion if I'm sick. If I get the infusion while I'm sick, then I'll get even sicker. Since Remicade is an immunosuppresent, any bug just grows and grows and grows. The nurses won't even think of giving the infusion if a person has the slightest bit of a cold.

I think I'm going to see how today goes with the Princess. Today is day three. If her fever is gone by tomorrow, then I guess it's my turn to go to the doc. I see a diagnosis of bronchitis in my near future.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Up and Running.......Again

OK. So, after some personal issues that are working out, I discovered a new, free site in order to sell my wares. This site allows me to have a web store, some bandwidth for pictures and to write about my craft. I can add a blog to my site. And send out newsletters! Anything to pimp my craft! I can do more if I want to pay, but I think I'll see how this pans out first.

So, in between working on Hubby's Father's Day gifts from me and the kids, I'm working on uploading pics and listings to add to my new store.

Here's the link: Check it out. I dare ya.

In fact, I double dog dare ya!