Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Curly Girl Glass Jewelry

OK. So...since we've been having laptop problems, I kinda lost the list of features that I had before. I reposted looking for shops and little did I know, I got some really neat and unusual ones! Same rules applied as the first post: whoever posted first got featured first and so on.

Curly Girl Glass Jewelry

Talk about a variety of really neat jewelry! She has something to adorn everything from ears to fingers. And each item is so unique!

Judi started enjoying art as a child. She followed this love throughout her life as she achieved a BFA degree in painting and drawing from the Tyler School of Art. She has made a living of being a graphic artist and illustrator. She has also done work with environmental matters. She started selling her artwork first in middle school beginning with hand-painted T-shirts, worked up to paintings, photographs and illustrations and landed on Etsy in December of 2006.

I've perused Judi's shop for some interesting pieces to showcase here. But, I ran into a problem in doing so; all the pieces she has are interesting! How do you choose just a few so as not to take up all the space on Blogspot?! After much thought, these are some I felt were good for here. I'll just tempt you to visiting her shop and showcase one of each of her jewelry categories...

<----- Naked Flourish Earrings

It Could Have Been Necklace


Bright Star Bright Ring


AprilDawn said...

LOVE her shop!
(happy Valentine's day!)
I've already hearted the ring, it would just suit me :) I'm saving up for more prosperous times!

hope its a great day for you!

onama said...

oooh I love her things!

Nicole Solo said...

that "It could have been" piece is great!

Tizzalicious said...

I love the It Could Have Been necklace!