Thursday, July 3, 2008

Short Story Page 5

At the theatre, Cosette entered her dressing room. She changed into her warm up clothes and made her way to the stage past the musicians filing in. Lost in her own world, she didn’t see the one standing off to the side holding a single rose.

Although disappointed that Cosette didn’t notice him, Marius wasn’t about to give up. He asked around a bit and located her dressing room. He glanced around before easing himself inside. He placed the rose on her vanity table and looked around for some paper. Having found a notebook, he tore a piece out and located a pen. He wrote a simple note to her:

“Because I did not properly thank you for your help last night by offering you a ride home, I give you this rose.

He placed the pen back on the table and quietly slipped out of her room. On stage, the dancers were finishing up their warm ups. Marius quickly and quietly made his way down the steps into the orchestra pit. He took his seat by his drum and patiently waited for his mates to arrive and get settled.

Cosette finished her warm ups and left to start the arduous task of getting ready. As she stepped around stage hands, she collided with her partner. As he looked down his nose at her, she glanced upward. “Oh, hi,” she said.

“Hello, Cosette,” he replied. “I trust another perfect performance is in order for today?”
Cosette cringed at his pretentiousness. “Of course, Darion,” she sniffed. “Why should it be any different?”

Suddenly, Darion grabbed her hand. “It won’t be different. You and I are a match made in heaven. We dance beautifully together on stage. We should dance as beautifully off.”

Cosette whipped her hand out of Darion’s. “We are beautiful together on stage, Darion, but we will never ‘dance’ off stage.” With that, she turned on her heels and stormed off to her dressing room, leaving him with his mouth agape.

Inside her dressing room, Cosette threw herself down in her chair. She closed her eyes for a moment to catch her breath. When she opened her eyes, she noticed the rose on her vanity. At first, she thought it could be from Darion, but then her eyes caught the note. Gingerly picking up the paper, she read the short note. Smiling, she put the note back down and picked up the rose to draw in its scent. She allowed herself a fleeting moment to think of the handsome percussionist she met the night before.

After a few minutes, she began to fix her hair. As she was pinning her bun, she laid her eyes on the rose again. A wistful smile came across her face as she finished and pinned her tiara on. Placing the rose to the side, she set out her make up. With each brush stroke, she couldn’t help but steal glances at the carefully written note.

She carefully slid her warm up leotard and tights off, all the while thinking of Marius. As she pulled a clean pair of tights on and bent to tug her pointe shoes on, she was wishing it were him that she had collided with backstage instead of her annoying partner. Once she secured her shoe ribbons with a bit of hair spray, she pulled her costume on. Holding tight to her bodice, she took off in search of a helper to fasten the hooks on the back.

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Amber Rose said...

Aww :) It's so romantic :):)

Can't wait to hear what happens next!