Sunday, August 24, 2008

Short Story - Page 8

OK, sorry dear readers, I know it's been a while...have had a writer's block. It's been horrible! But, a little cleaning, some dancing music and margaritas and suddenly, I've got ideas!


Both Cosette and Marius jumped as they spun toward the door. Marius followed Darion’s fiery gaze to where he still had his hand on Cosette’s waist. He quickly dropped his hand and put it in his pocket. Cosette glared at Darion.

“How dare you barge into my room like that?!” Cosette exclaimed.

“You weren’t out there, warming up for tonight yet,” Darion shot back. “I just wanted to make sure you were ok. And then, I walked in to you hugging that, that, that, musician.” He spat out that last word as if it were a fatal disease.

Marius looked down at the ground. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable with Darion around; like he was a third wheel. Yet, on the other hand, he couldn’t believe how brazen this man was. Acting as if he owned Cosette. Acting as if he owned the theatre. As if Marius was no better than a piece of dirt.

Cosette grew furious. “Darion, get out of my room,” she growled through clenched teeth.

Marius looked up, gaping at the voice that came from Cosette. Darion stepped back, but quickly straightened his shoulders and regained his composure. He glared down at Cosette. “Well,” he sniffed, “you better get out and warm up. Performance is starting soon.” Darion turned on his heels, stormed out and slammed the door.

Cosette let out a shaky breath. Marius was finally able to take a breath. “What the hell was that?” he finally asked.

“That,” she spat at the closed door, “was my overbearing partner.”

Marius looked nervously at the door, like he was waiting for it to fly open again. “He’s not going to be coming back, is he?”

Cosette giggled. “No, he’s not. He had his hissy fit and he’s done.” She scrunched up her face, wanted to stick her tongue out at the closed door but didn't. “Jerk.”

Marius smiled and moved toward Cosette. Cupping her chin with one hand, he placed his other on the small of her back. “I’d like to take you to dinner sometime.”

Cosette’s heart melted. She felt electricity surge through her body. Looking deep into Marius’ eyes, she answered quietly, “I’d like that, too.”

He smiled. “When will you be free?”

Cosette thought a moment. “Probably not until Sunday evening.”

“Sunday evening it is then,” he whispered before lowering his mouth to hers.

As Marius’ lips touched hers, Cosette melted into his arms. His hand moved from her chin to her cheek. Slowly, he parted her lips with his tongue. He could taste the coffee that she had just finished. She eagerly gave her mouth to him. They embraced tightly as their kiss deepened. From somewhere in the distance, an alarm rang. Slowly, Marius and Cosette parted, panting just slightly from the intensity of their kiss.

“Oh no,” Cosette exclaimed, “I’m going to be late!”

Marius looked down at his rumpled tuxedo. “I better get myself straightened out,” he snickered.

Cosette quickly kissed his cheek. “Um, uh, can we meet later after the show for coffee or something?”

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