Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Hair

I dyed my hair this past Sunday. Thought that it was going to be lighter than the way it came out. Sadly, it came out WAAAAY too dark. So, I thought, I'll just highlight!

I bought a frosting highlighting kit the other day because I was told that I would get a more natural look from that than hair painting. Yes, I like to torture myself. I always have to make things harder than they have to be.

I pull out this cap with tiny holes all over it. I look at the tiny crochet-like hook that I'm supposed to poke through said holes and pull hair through. I look at it like it's some kind of mideval torture device. I'm supposed to poke this tiny hook through all these holes and pull a small clump of hair through those holes? Yeah, hello!

So, I resign myself to this archaic torture device. I'm always up for a little torture.

Well, it takes me 2 whole hours to pull little bits of hair through the confounded holes. Most of the time, my hair knots up, I have to comb it out and I yank handfuls of hair out of my head.

Is beauty really this worth it?

Finally. I can mix the color. OK. Dump the powder in the trowel, add the activator and then the creme. Mix it all together with the plastic spatula which is at the other end of the hook. OK. Got it. Now I saturate my hair with this stinky mix.

OK. Got the painting done. Piled my hair up on top of my head. Now I have to cover my head with a clear plastic bag. Done.

Now we wait.

During the waiting, I look in the mirror. I started freaking out because my hair is yellow. And I don't mean just yellow...I mean Crayola crayon yellow. Canary yellow. Neon yellow. So do I wash it out? No, I leave the color on for 65 minutes (max is 90).

OK. Time to wash it out. This is the boring part. Rinse the hair. Shampoo. Add the moisturizer and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse that out. Dry off and wrap a towel around my head.

All we go....take the towel off and whip out the blow dryer. Anddddddd....




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SofiesC said...

Haha.. I laughed so hard reading this! But it came out great:)