Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Today

So, we go on vacation over Memorial Day. Beautiful vacation! Relaxing, fun, everything vacation should be. We even extended it a day longer by staying overnight in New York and visiting Au sable Chasm the next day.

Then we came home.

And we all got sick.

We've all had the snuffles since about a week after we got home. Then, last week, Little Man got a fever. Just a fever. Take him to the doc and she said that there's a fever virus going around. The fever spikes, give the child Motrin and the fever goes down. This lasts for about three days. Sure enough, he went to the doc on Monday and by Wednesday, he was better. Still snuffling, but no fever.

Now, the Princess has the fever virus. Been pouring the Motrin down her throat to keep it in check. She hasn't spiked as high as Little Man, but it has gotten over 102 Fahrenheit. Once the Motrin kicks in, she wants to go play and run around. But, once that starts wearing off, she's tired and lethargic.

Wonder who's going to get it next?

Me? I've had a cough for two weeks now. It hurts like hell. And the shit that I'm coughing up, ugh. I've put off getting my Remicade treatment for two weeks now. Not good. But, I also can't get the infusion if I'm sick. If I get the infusion while I'm sick, then I'll get even sicker. Since Remicade is an immunosuppresent, any bug just grows and grows and grows. The nurses won't even think of giving the infusion if a person has the slightest bit of a cold.

I think I'm going to see how today goes with the Princess. Today is day three. If her fever is gone by tomorrow, then I guess it's my turn to go to the doc. I see a diagnosis of bronchitis in my near future.

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