Monday, June 23, 2008

Tattoo Shop Possibility

I had a possibly job lead for my halters at the tattoo shop where my husband and I get our work done. It's been over two months since I heard from them, so I decided to fire them off an email.

I'm really nervous about this job. The owner is a perfectionist. The artists that he hires are super talented; I don't think he'd hire anyone who was less than perfect. Trust me on this. My husband's sleeve is testament to the type of artists he hires.

I'm so scared that the owner isn't going to like my work. I'm scared that my work isn't going to be up to the standards that he sets. I feel the sample that I sent them was beautiful. The best halter I had ever sewn. But, that's my feeling. Trying to get someone else to feel the way you do is a whole other story!

Well, here's some pictures of the sample that I sewed up and sent to them. Let me know what you think!

Well, update: In the five minutes it took to type this, I heard back from the shop. They're holding off for now. I didn't get the job. :(


Morning Artist said...

Cheer up, we can't please everyone. Success is made sweeter by the stumbles we made.

You're a talented artist, don't ever doubt the gift you have.

Most of the times, the pieces I thought the least are the ones that reap rewards.

Your time will come soon :)

RecoveryBabe said...

that halter is the bomb-diggity. If this place doesn't see your talent, someone else will. Don't give up.