Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I stumbled across this wonderful new website a couple of weeks ago. It was mentioned on Rachael Ray's talk show and I decided to check it out. It's www.etsy.com. So, I figured ~ hey, I make things, why don't I look and see what this site's all about.

Well, I checked out what kind of stuff is on there. It's like a huge craft fair on the Internet! Everything on there is made by the individuals that have shops listed with them. I joined ~for free~ so I could post on the forums. I asked if what I have to sell is OK to sell on Etsy. I explained that eBay kicked my listings off because I use certain shirts to take apart and reconstruct. I was told I could.

Next step was to check out listing fees and the like. It only costs 20 cents to list something for sale; and the listing is valid for 4 months! Once it sells, I think they charge 3% or something like that. I can use PayPal for payment or accept other forms of payment. It's pretty much the same as eBay except that everything is listed as a buy-it-now -- no auction format. I even get my own storefront free of charge!

So, I listed the three corset halters that I had left in my inventory. So far, people have only been looking at my halters. But, everyone who has stopped by has told me that they're really cool. I'm told that the first sale is usually pretty slow in coming. So, I hang out in the forums promoting my wares. My husband has been listing bike parts on eBay, so I added a link to the storefront in his listings. Hey, anyway that I can promote, I will!

So, while you're checking out my shop, check out the others on there, too. There are tons of really talented people selling things!


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A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Isn't Etsy great?!

Your tops are very cool, I wish I could pull them off :)