Friday, January 11, 2008

Green Space Goods

Well, I have decided to start featuring fellow Etsians in my blog. I want to be able to foster a good community sense among everyone with this new venture I have begun. So, before further ado, let's give my first featured shop a great round of applause...

Green Space Goods (...and the crowd goes wild!)
I happened across this shop while posting for a new blog entry. I had opened the thread up in the forum for other shops to request for a link on my blog page. Green Space Goods jumped at the chance for any added publicity (as any of us like). When it came time to ask people if I could feature them, Green Space Goods was the first to reply. So, because they were first to reply, they are the first in a long line of features.
Green Space Goods consists of partners Michael and Lani. They both graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta; Michael is an Interactive Media Developer and Lani is a Graphic Artist. They started creating their pieces of art together in 2002 and have been developing various mediums since then such as web applications, recycled art, fine art illustrations and even have been commissioned for mural work! According to their Etsy profile, every piece they create is a joint effort with one starting the artwork and then passing it to the other and so forth, each adding to the drawing until they come to their final work.

Example of their fantastic artwork is their inkblot illustration

Green Space Goods features items made mostly of found objects. They try to recycle materials as much as they can. They have used game pieces; a great example being their "T Gamepiece Earrings" (, see photo below). Another great example of found object jewelry is their "Recycle Star Bottle Cap Pendant" (, see photo below).

They have many original pieces in their shop that are incredibly reasonably priced. I welcome all who have taken the time to get to know Green Space Goods by reading this entry will stop by and show some love. Browse around, shop a little, leave your heart behind.


Field Notes said...

I love green space's art & blog. i link to it on mine. Great stuff :D
~ recycledideas

Lotta said...

Fantastic idea!

one of those Greathouse women said...

Yes, I love greenspace, too! I only just discovered them a few days ago when they replied to one of my threads in the Etsy forum. Great feature!

Nicole Solo said...

thanks for introducing me to a very cool seller!