Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been feeling invisible the last couple of days. I keep posting on Etsy, trying to promote, promote, promote and I don't feel it's doing any good. I don't think my prices are too high. I think I'm offering unique items. I'm getting very depressed in the process.

I'm not getting any other work done, either. It's like, if I don't post in the forums, then no one knows I'm there. There's no views of my shop. But, people give me advice like, Take brighter pictures! List more items! But, how do you do that when you also have to spend your time promoting? Where's the happy medium?

I work part-time outside the home. I have the home to run while I'm here. I have two children. And, I'm trying to get Creative Creations off the ground.

I know that it's not an easy process. Any new business needs the hell promoted out of it. But where do you find the balance of working and promoting? All my efforts seem to be moot in the promoting department. I don't know why I bother?

There's a promotions thread in Etsy. If you don't participate in a BNR (buy and replace), it seems you can't get any exposure. And, the thread moves so quickly that you constantly have to keep posting. Well, what do I have to do? Stay up 24 hours a day? I practically do already! I mean, trying to promote, I don't even pee during the day!

I don't mean to be all, oh pity me, but come on! Where are the buyers? Am I barking up the wrong tree with this? My friends seem very interested in my products. Are people not looking for unique?

As far as listing new items, well, supplies cost a lot of money. Money which I don't really have right now. How do I justify spending the money on supplies when my stuff isn't selling? Hubby wants to know stuff like that. I can't justify spending money on items that are just going to sit and collect dust.

I have poured my heart into this, and now I feel as though I'm losing hope. I made one sale in a month and a half. Maybe I should take my chances again on eBay. Maybe if I don't list the manufacturer of the shirts I use, I'll escape the radar. It cost more to list and sell on eBay, but at least I was selling. Hadn't yet turned a profit, but at least I was breaking even. On Etsy, the one sale hasn't even covered the supplies that I had used on the listings that I have.

Sorry that this post turned into a rant. I really like the Etsy community, but I'm really doubting if it's worth trying to sell anything...


nina kuriloff said...

i am *fineartist* on etsy.

i know that if you do not list items often you will not gain enough visibility to sell your work.

good luck to you in future.


Barbra said...

We all think...list and they will come. It's just not that way. Don't give up. Maybe if you've been trying so hard you have to walk away for a bit. Hugs.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Hey Jerz- I know how ya feel. But you want to know a secret? I used to post in promotions all the time. I just stopped one day. It was discouraging. And ya know what? My sales didn't change. Granted, I haven't made many, but almost all of my sales have been new buyers to Etsy. They've searched and found me or seen an item floating through the time machine. I just joined Flickr this week and that has seemed to help a little. I'd say make your items and list them regularly. Promote the blog and join some other social groups (like flickr). The forums only make up a very small part of the world, and to be honest, I don't think many of those folks are buying. Good luck. I hope it gets better :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel the same. I'm sure things will get better for us soon.

Carrie Rojo said...

Jerz...your stuff is WILL sell - just don't lose faith in your craft. It's not easy getting established but I know what you mean about promoting. I have NEVER done a BNR...I refuse to buy something while I'm struggling so. Just keep doing what your doing...and walk away and breathe! Know your stuff is so cool! Carrie

FatCatCreations by StarvnRtist said...

i feel your pain! i often ask myself 'can they not see me?'