Monday, January 14, 2008

Reconstructed Snake Bite

Well, I finished little cropped hoodie. This one was started from scratch; I had no previous pattern to start with. I am so completely proud of it! I really think that I married the biker image to girly top very well.

I had a white Harley shirt with a snake wrapped around a dagger. I was going to make it into a halter, but it's winter and I already have three halters that aren't selling. Then one day, I was wearing a cropped hoodie and decided that that style would be PERFECT. I even found snake skin patterned cotton fabric to use for the hood lining.

The hoodie started to take shape as I took measurements and used myself as a dressmaking model (don't worry, I didn't pin myself). I cut, tried on, cut and tried on until it was perfect. As I looked at the almost finished product, it seemed that it was missing something. I found some 3/4" lace in my notions stash. As I laid the hoodie out on my work table, I laid the lace down over the hem. It clicked. That's what it needed! It needed that little girly touch!

So, it's now in my Etsy shop ( I'm promoting the heck out of it. I even entered it in a Creative Challenge (not quite positive what's entailed in the Challenge, but it was fun making it).

Now I'm busy creating a sexy new halter top. That's this week's challenge: to create an original pattern and sew a new top by next Sunday. And feature two more Etsy shops. And do laundry. And start physical therapy for my back. And...and...and...


ReFabulous said...

SHEESH -- how freakin' cool! Love it.

Carrie Rojo said...

Your stuff is so should be on "Runway!!" Seriously, reading how you pinned and cut and'd be a shoe-in! Keep up the great work..can't wait to see what's next. Carrie Rojo