Saturday, January 5, 2008

Finished Projects!

Well, I finally finished two projects in my little sewing corner! I'm so very proud of myself. I also took pics of the Princess's dress as promised before.

First, I'll post the pics for Princess's dress. She even wanted me to add a crown to it made of iron-on rhinestones to show off her royalty.

Next, we have her new bathrobe. Story behind this is...when I got out of the shower one day, I put my bathrobe on. She thought is was SO pretty (even though it's about 10 years old and a lot of the terry has pulled out making it look ratty. But it's comfortable and warm!), that she HAD to have me make her one. Then, of course, it had to be pink. Since I had leftover material from her dress, I made it with the same material. Here's that...

Finally, we have my next Etsy listing. This is a hoodie made from a T-shirt. I cut and fit the shirt to create the back of the hoodie. Added some black fleece for warmth. And found Alexander Henry's "Skulls on Fire" in orange to coordinate with the fire on the back of the hoodie. I think it came out pretty cool!

The next project I'm working on will be a white hoodie. For that, white fleece and black and white snake skin cotton is involved. That's all I'm revealing for now. Hopefully will have that done by the middle of the week.
Ta ta for now!

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